A guy left his computer unlocked, so his roommate changed the desktop photo of his fiance to something far manlier. (NSFW)

He looks so happy. Like he has everything he could ever want within his grasp.

According to his post on Reddit, when the smiling man in the above photo left his computer unlocked and unattended, he assumed the desktop image of he and his fiance caught in an embrace would still be there when he came back. His roommate had another idea.

Using editing software and the basest sensibilities, the roommate decided to replace his fiance with something far less huggable. When the smiling man returned to his computer, he was greeted by the following image on his desktop (NSFW below):

The Internet now pronounces you man and manhood.

A lesson to all. Passwords aren't just about protecting your privacy from snoopers. They're about protecting your eyes from giant, aroused genitals. Safety first.

Via Reddit

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