The 35 things you wished you'd said to coworkers in 2013.
Workplace - We'd appreciate it if you taught the summer interns how to avoid being sexually harassed by you.
"I'll try, but whenever I give interns assignments I just end up doing it for them." - I'd ask you to go fuck yourself, but you'd probably just delegate that to me too.
Be careful. This card could be the first to an office hate-sex relationship. - Office Coupon: Redeemable for one day of me not complaining about the horrifying music blaring from your headphones.
For the coworker trying to stay with it by pretending to like Skrillex. - I wish you were as productive as your rectum is.
For the coworker who knows it's not about speed, it's about consistency. - Let's set aside some time for trashing coworkers
The only bonding activity everyone can agree on.

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