The exact moment between peeking inside the Arc of the Covenant and when your face melts. (via Reddit)


We humans know that taking a bath is a pleasant experience that's not only relaxing, but makes you smell nice enough that other people aren't repulsed by you (or, at the very least, they're repulsed by something else, like your complete lack of tact). Cats, however, don't seem to understand those bathing benefits. That said, I don't know many humans who have tried licking themselves clean like a cat, either. Someday, when the cats rise up and overtake us all, they'll force us to lick ourselves to bathe. But until that day of payback, we can just laugh at these examples of cats who were forced to take human-style baths.


You might also remember this cat from his starring role in The Wrestler. (via Reddit)


"I see you, photographer, idly standing by. I assure you that I will remember this moment, and on the day of reckoning, you will not be spared." (via Reddit)


"Call me a purrito again, asshole, and we'll see who's laughing then." (via Reddit)


It sure is weird that this rat was born with a cat head. (via Reddit)


Well, now we know what pure hate looks like, so that's good. (via Reddit)


Hey, how much extra bad luck is it if you bathe a black cat after it crosses your path?
(via Reddit)


"I'll talk! Anything but the bath. Yeah, it was me — I left the mouse in your shoe." (via Reddit)