This winter has been very rough on most of the US. You may have been filled with childlike wonder at the first snowfall, but by now, chances are you want to punch every last flake you see falling out of the sky. That's why it's good to step back and see the snow through the eyes of those who never get tired of it: cats. Cats don't have to worry about commuting or shoveling or wearing heavy boots. They can just roll around in the snow to their heart's content. Our hope is that some of that joy will rub off on you, as you look at our gallery of cats who can't get enough of the white stuff:


1. This Alabama cat, experiencing snow for the first time.

2. Rudiger, who simply has to dig his way out of the house.

3. This furry warrior, who got sweet revenge on a woman kicking snow on him.

4. This daredevil, who jumped through a snowbank for a bowl of food.

5. These cuties, who found a warm spot in their owner's snow boots.

(via redditor Saudade-x)

6. This feline Odysseus, who will let nothing stand in the way of getting back home.

7. Masha, a true hero who saved the life of a baby abandoned in the cold.