He loved his dogs even after he figured out they were bears.


Wang Kaiyu lives on a banana farm in Jinchang Town, which is in China near the border of Vietnam. A guy passing through his village was selling two puppies and Wang liked the look of them, so he bought them. He cared for them, bathed them and fed them the way you would with two adorable doggies in your care. But as they grew bigger, Wang began to suspect something was wrong...

Hey. (via China News)

Surprise! They're bears. Wang had been noticing strange behavior in the animals. Though generally affectionate and well-behaved, they'd stalk and eat chickens on his farm and had increasingly large appetites. The clincher was an exhibit Wang happened to attend hosted by the forest police, where he saw a poster about wildlife protection that featured photos of the endangered Asian Black Bear. It was like looking at his two babies at home.

Wang thought about what he should do for awhile. I mean, they were his pets! That's a tough call even though no one should ever keep bears as pets, ever ever ever. Ultimately, he decided the best thing was to hand them over to the proper authorities. The bears are now at the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre of Yunnan Province and are reportedly healthy.

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