"Wake up, so I can ignore you."

Look, I'm not saying that cats are jerks. But I am saying that if cats were people, they'd be jerks. Just imagine if you had a friend who lived in your house, ignored you when you called his name and smacked you in the face every morning until you woke up to feed him breakfast. Would you call him your "cool" friend or your "jerky" friend? Be honest. And remember: I'm just saying "jerky." Not your "onbnoxious" friend. That'd be your parrot. Your "dumb" friend is your dog. And your "insufferable asshole" friend is your roommate.

All that said, this video is pretty great. My favorite part is how the cats set up cameras to record themselves waking up their people. Those jerky cats can be pretty clever.


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Huffington Post