It's probably harder to get those pillows in there, but much easier to get out.

A woman who goes by the reddit handle Michellehas2ls had a big problem: her family and their stupid cat allergies. This deprived Michellehas2ls of the opportunity to truly participate in the online communities she loved. Recently, however, opportunity came knocking in the form of a set of tacky cat pillows she found at a garage sale. These are the sorts of items that most people would never consider owning before turning 70, but Michellehas2ls used them to fit in with the kidz and recreate some of her all-time favorite reddit cat pics from the past year.

In case you were wondering, here are the photos (or examples of the types of photos) she is recreating:

"I was just trying to get a photo of the Xbox for eBay."


"If it fits, I sits."


"Don't mind me."

We actually have a whole list of animals refusing to respect human bathroom space.

"My sister's pit bull she rescued seems to get along well with her cat."


"Firefighter rescues kitten trapped in engine."


"My curious kitten."

I hope this inspirational tale just goes to show that you, too, can be part of the Internet, even if your loved ones are holding you back with their damned confused antibodies.

(by Johnny McNulty)


Sources: redditor Michellehas2ls