Milk jars are the Pringles can of the animal world.

Everywhere in the northern half of the country thinks it has the best summers in the nation (people in the South & Southwest like their summers, too, but they know it's hot). Wisconsin may have just pulled into the lead, however, with their newest summer activity: "Lumberjacks Operating Heavy Machinery In A Cornfield To Remove A Milk Can From A Young Black Bear's Head." It's just the kind of hands-on (claw-on) nature interaction most people stop experiencing after their last jobless summer vacation. Although that lumberjack may be out of work if he does his lumberjackin' for the same guy who owns the cornfield he just flattened.

Warning: Vertical video. Skip to about 1:15 if you can't take an adorable bear being vertical.

Now if only someone could take the jar off the camera owner's head so he or she could realize they're holding the camera the wrong way.

The bear could have been way more freaked out in the presence of humans, but he could still learn a lot about patience from this horse being jumped on by baby goats.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor Cleanzx3 | Vern Styles