A very happy p1percub and her dog Jack, right after his joyous return home.

Redditor p1percub loves going running with her dog Jack. They and a (human) friend were playing around in a big, fenced-off field 4 days ago with no one else around (Jack is probably a rescued bait dog and doesn't like being around other dogs yet), when they got too close to a gap in the fence and Jack, thinking they were playing a game, bolted through the fence and into the street. He ran across the street, so p1percub's friend whistled for him to come back. As Jack turned around though, the traffic light turned and Jack was hit by a truck, and the "jerk" driving it sped off.

Jack got up immediately but, obviously scared, he ran off faster than p1percub could follow. Distraught, she called authorities and of course, turned to reddit. Redditors responded with tons of advice, but more importantly, people in the Houston area where p1percub and Jack lived promised to keep their eyes peeled after p1percub gave them this picture:

Yeah. Yeah, that's a pretty friggin' great-looking dog I suppose.

Sure enough, redditor Hominine had heard the story and saw Jack in the parking lot of a grocery store. He attempted to approach Jack, but the scared pooch ran off again—but this time back into the big fenced-off grassy area that he and p1percub had been playing in originally. Jack was still sprinting around in the area and hard to keep track of.

So (and this part gets a bit confusing), Hominine contacted p1percub on reddit, who immediately called a guy named Tim, who had been recommended to her by another redditor, MycroStanza. Tim has a large contact list of animal rescue volunteers in the Houston area, and so he sent out a blast telling people to go help Jack. Sure enough, within minutes a local woman had driven over to the Baylor University campus where all this was happening, who called p1percub once she had eyes on Jack. 

I'll let p1percub finish the story in her own words: "I RAN straight to where she was, as fast as I could (even hopped in the back of a truck for a block of the distance when a good samaritan saw me sprinting and offered). /u/Homine saw me then, and asked if we'd seen a dog, and I was like "it's my dog! I'm looking for my dog!" and that's when we made the reddit connection. I could have hugged him right then. We quickly found the woman with eyes on the dog and Jack seemed pretty freaked out, but came right over to me. OMG. There just aren't words. I thanked them both and rushed Jack home, called his vet who said he could see him with just enough time to spare to that I could give Jack some (vet approved) cool water and a chance to chill out a bit, and me enough time to post that he was found. Here's the pic I took (still sweaty from the run) right after calling the vet: [pic at top]. I think there's a rule that Jack and I both look terrible in all selfies I take, but I don't even care. I'm just so unbelievably happy. The vet says he's totally fine, just some scrapes and bruises. He gave me some pain meds for Jack, and I had Jack chipped and filled out the paperwork for his chip while we were there. I feel like I owe the world (and reddit) a whole shit load of karma right now. :)"

You don't owe us anything, p1percub. Just keep caring for that dog.

[Note: she was fostering the dog (a likely bait dog used to train fighting dogs) and so didn't chip him because she was going to give him up. She has since fallen in love and wouldn't part with him for anything, and has had him chipped.]

(by Johnny McNulty)

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