In a rare alligator story that isn't from Florida, a member of the species hit up a South Carolina home for a visit. Gary Rogers, who filmed the scene, told ABC 4 it seemed like the gator was trying to hit up the Bailey family's pool. That makes sense. Alligators like water. When he couldn't get in the backyard, the alligator tried the more polite method of gaining entry.


Ringing that doorbell took every ounce of energy that gator had. He just kerplunked right back down onto the ground once he accomplished his goal.

Nobody from the Bailey family was home when their guest came by, but while they missed out on their guest they were left with a bevy of scratches on their front door as a memento. Try as he might, this destructive gator can't be the ideal neighbor.

That is what a friendly alligator looks like. Or a hungry one.

If you think alligators are the darndest creatures, you might enjoy this gator prank.