Legendary musician and artist David Bowie died yesterday, breaking the hearts of fans all around the world, but David Bowie the "little blue" or "fairy" penguin was born just two days earlier at the Cincinnati Zoo on January 8. The younger Bowie was named after the performer, with whom it shares a birthday. Little blue penguin Bowie was named before the artist died; zookeepers had "no idea" the timing would be so significant.


The gender of the little bird won't be known for a few weeks, but that seems totally acceptable, given its namesake's androgyny. The "little blue" or "fairy" penguin is the smallest species of penguin, and this David Bowie currently weighs in at 2 ounces. It will eventually grow to stand all of 10 inches tall. Zoo communications director Michelle Curley told the New York Daily News that the keepers are already providing the baby bird with a steady diet of David Bowie music, adding, "I think that little penguin will be very special."

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