Pet-crastination is a serious issue.

Wouldn't your dog die if they actually ate your homework? (via Imgur)


Pets are masters of comic timing. They're so good, in fact, that I can't help but think they're self-aware. You'll start working on something, and the second you're in the zone, they always find a way to interrupt you in the cutest way possible. You want to get angry, but they're so damn adorable that you can't. Here's a tribute to all the great pet interruptions we could find on the Internet.

1) This cat gives zero fucks about interrupting his owner's self-produced Lego advertisement.

Sidenote: I Internet-stalked the guy from the video, and now he's my new hero:

[Sam] teaches courses in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Business Communication, and Rock & Roll History, and he earned an Outstanding Professor of the Year Award from NKU in April, 2011. Sam lives in Burlington, KY with his wife, 2 kids, and cats, and he enjoys playing volleyball, cheering for the Reds, and building with Legos.

2) Pulling an all-nighter is tough.

"Someone slip an Adderall into my pellets." (via Imgur)

3) You want to exercise when it's snowing? Think again.

"I'm taking a stand. Get on that couch and use the weather as an excuse to act like a slob, you know, like a normal person." (via Imgur)

4) Check out this brand new pencil holder.

This pup is holding your homework hostage. The ransom? 100 belly rubs. (via Imgur)

5) Music doesn't come from the page. It comes from your heart, and out of your beak.