18-year-old Sam Steingard of Maryland had a hot date for prom: his cat Ruby. Ruby and Steingard go way back, according to BuzzFeed, which makes them typical high school sweethearts.

Selfie with my bff 😻 #Sam #Meow

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When it came time for prom, it only made sense that Steingard take Ruby, especially given that Steingard didn't want to stay too long, and as a cat, Ruby wouldn't technically be allowed into prom. All this meant that Steingard and his date truly only had the chance to show their love during pre-prom and the all important prom photos.

Steingard and Ruby nailed it.

Posted by Sam Steingard on Friday, May 22, 2015

Look at that love in Ruby's eyes.

Don't you want someone to look at you like this cat looks at Steingard?