This picture posted on Reddit by waterhauler shows a whole bunch of cut, stacked logs for firewood (cords, maybe?), and apparently, a cat. Somewhere. But where? People are freaking out trying to find it. But it's not too hard, if you look closely.

There's a cat here somewhere, I swear.

Did you find it? Okay, one hint is: it's a cat, so it's got to be on top of the logs, right? Well, that's not entirely true; I've known cats so lazy they'd probably let you stack a pile of logs on top of them and not even move, but logs are heavy, so animal cruelty aside, you know the cat is on top of the logs somewhere. Still can't find it?

Of course it's sleeping; it's so tired after chopping all that wood!

Sneaky critter! He's doing it on purpose, you know that, right?