Feline siblings Pete and Sully will not change the mind of anyone with a distrust of cats. Their owner, redditor natural_distortion, shared an unnerving picture of Sully acting as Pete's shadow that has the over 800,000 people who've viewed it so far racing to atone for their cat-related sins.

natural_distortion: "I guess we should have named him shadow."

The photo blew many the minds of many commenters, like u/dickielickie.

That is a strikingly vivid shadow. But why are the eyes...Oh shit. That's another cat.

And u/ThatsMyHoverboard.

The thumbnail extremely confused me so when I opened up the picture it took me a moment to comprehend what I was seeing.

Imgur user FedExGuy almost dismissed it as a hoax.

I was halfway through typing "bad Photoshop" before I realized...

These creepy AF cats have a pretty tight relationship, according to the redditor.

[They] often clean each others heads. The black male gets pretty aggressive but doesn't snap at her much.

Imgur user tehconda shared what the cat would look like minus those nefarious emerald eyes.

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