Why are you still here? Go watch!

I hope your bosses weren't planning for you to get any work done today, because you're going to be spending the rest of the day at ChristmasCats.TV. I am so, so sorry I only just found out about this important piece of Internet history and today's the last day to experience it! Please forgive me!


So what is the weird and wonderful world of Christmas Cats TV? Well, it's a project of the Legacy Recordings of Sony Music Entertainment, to encourage people to adopt cats from the North Shore Animal League.

For the last three days, a "Granny" cat lady and her elf companion have been live for 8 hours a day with a dozen cats, some excellent Christmas music from Legacy Recordings, and some truly bizarre improvised (I think!) conversation.

There is dancing with the cats:

There's a comment feature where you can write in what you want Granny and the elf to do:

They really did strip! It was weird!

But probably the best part is the dynamic between Granny and the elf, who clearly is sick of her. Granny keeps trying to give advice to the elf about when he "goes courting" (she knows a lot about relationships since she's been married six times). Here's a key piece of cat-lover dating advice to keep in mind: "If you spend the night, don't take the cat's favorite spot on the bed."

Sources: Christmas Cats TV | h/t Jezebel