"Who taught you to say that?"

Jose Ahonen seems like he's trying to make a career out of annoying dogs. You probably remember him as the Finnish magician who was using the power of illusion to hide delicious treats from bewildered and disappointed dogs. Now, for his newest trick, he gets voice actor Rudi Rok to bark at them. That's it, just bark. I'm not sure that barking counts as magic, but I guess it is technically a trick. So, he's got us there.

Some of the dogs are clearly confused to see a human fluent in their language. Others just seem to be happy to have somebody to bark with.

I'm looking forward to his next video, in which he pokes sleeping dogs with a billiard cue until they get up and find someplace else to rest. Should be hilarious!

(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Jose Ahonen | h/t redditor Rudinism