This picture of a dog enjoying her last car ride may be the most profound photograph you'll see on the Internet today. Reddit user ewhippieyoustink2 posted it in the /r/aww subreddit near the end of last week and it's already garnered almost a million views on Imgur. It actually got flagged because it violated the rules of the subreddit (it's more of an "awww, cute puppies" dicussion forum than an "awww, we are mortal beings who will return to the earth one day" discussion forum), but it's still up for everyone to see. Here it is, in all its glory:

Her name was Libra.

And here was the message that accompanied it:

I'm sorry everyone, I was feeling sentimental about my girl, Libra, that passed this time last year. Didn't mean to break the sub rules or ruin everyone's day. She was about 15 years old and I've had her since I was a kid. She started getting very sick (frequent seizures, couldn't control her bladder, etc.) Libra was ready to go, so we helped her. She was so peaceful and happy and the picture makes me feel better about not having her around anymore. 

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