1,000 dolphins stampeding through the ocean is a breathtaking sight to behold, but the spectacle grows dour once you realize they're escaping the jaws of those very same orcas everyone's desperate to save from SeaWorld's cold grasp. Orcas, you see, fervently enjoy snacking on sea-salted porpoise. Yes, they aren't called killer whales because they live on a vegan diet of kelp and coral, but rather because they're beautiful, brilliant predators of the deep. Sanctuary Cruises caught the snack time on camera, and it's as magnificent as it is brutal.

The power of nature never fails to devastate.

The worst part may be that they didn't even finish the dolphin, leaving its gnawed up carcass for the cameraman to zoom in on at the end. What cruel, twisted showmen these orcas are.

If you'd like to kick your week off with more murderous orcas, here's one using fish as bait to catch a bird who clearly hasn't seen the above video.

Sources: Sanctuary Cruises