If you've ever been curious about what's on your pet's mind and willing to suspend your disbelief to find out, Ellen Lance, professional animal whisperer, wants your business. Buzzfeed's new video has two pet owners put Ms. Lance's skills to the test.


"I hear an animal the way I hear anybody I'm having a conversation with," begins Lance's impressive display.

Lo and behold, she correctly guesses the cat's bladder problem and the shelter dog's tragic background by holding her hands on their sides and huffing. Lance also explains her technique, which involves using "flower essences" to "test the energy field of an animal and see what resonates."

Some of you may be thinking, "yeah I don't believe this for a second," while others may be thinking "I strongly believe my pug is possessed by the ghost of Spiro Agnew, how much would I have to pay Ellen to confirm this?!"

According to Ms. Lance's website, you can obtain the following services for the following prices:

-$80 for a 20 minute conversation with your pet.

-$150 per half hour for emotional and spiritual clearings.

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