If you're an American and you haven't been living in a remote shack for 50 years, you're aware of the Super Bowl. If you ever felt like moving to a shack because you were sick of there being nothing to watch while the Super Bowl was on, though, you are definitely aware of the Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet's cute alternative programming to the Big Game that lets non-sports fans zone out to some adorable young dogs romping around with a ball, scoring imaginary points in an all-too-real game for our hearts.

As big as the Super Bowl is, though, it's not nearly as big as the World Cup. Bringing together most of the nations on Earth for one "football" tournament over the course of several weeks, it's a four-year sporting event (and advertising opportunity) that rivals the Olympics in scope and intensity. Now it, too, will have a puppy version for those of us who would rather tune in to Fido rather than FIFA—the World Pup.

From June 12 to July 10, the World Pup will stream live on Animal Planet's Puppy Cam, pitting puppies from sixteen different World Cup contender nations (like the Old English Sheepdog or the Mexican Chihuahua) in a series of face-offs to determine the world champion. Viewers can vote on the winner, although the polls close tonight.

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