Looks like some of the colors ran, and the red ones turned some white ones pink.
(via DoveLewis Animal Hospital)

What you're looking at are  the stomach contents of a 3-year-old, 120-lb. Great Dane from Portland, Oregon who kept throwing up. The Dane's owner was aware that he would occasionally go after socks, but the extent of the problem was not apparent until the dog got sick and got taken in to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, where they suspected he had an intestinal blockage.


When Dr. Ashley Magee  came back with the x-ray, it was like looking at an unopened piñata. When they followed up with surgery, it was like breaking open the most disappointing piñata in history. "We opened up his stomach and kept removing sock after sock of all different shapes and sizes," said Dr. Magee. Forty-three and a half socks (or 21.75 pairs) were inside the massive canine, in various states of semi-digestion.

Well, I'm never complaining about feeling stuffed again. (via DoveLewis Animal Hospital)

Now, all this occurred back in February, but we're just hearing about it now because of a contest called "They ate WHAT?" sponsored by the Veterinary Practice News. DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital submitted their x-ray of the socks to the contest and came in third, behind a frog that somehow swallowed 30 small ornamental rocks from its terrarium and a German Shepherd who ate a shish kebab skewer. The Animal Hospital won $500, which will be used to help low-income individuals pay vet bills.