Which came first, the taptaptaptaptaptapataptapataptap or the bread?

In the pantheon of great paradoxes, this is right up there with Xeno's brain-teaser about Achilles and the tortoise.* Is this a Welshman who trained a seagull to do a little dance (something birds do to mimic the sound of rainfall on the dirt, which tricks earthworms into surfacing to avoid drowning), or a seagull who figured out that if he dances near this easily-trained Welshman, he'll get bread instead of worms?

The important thing is, it was filmed. In vertical, yes... but it was filmed.

*If the Greek hero Achilles gave a tortoise a 100-meter head start in a foot race, Achilles would have to run 100 meters in order to catch the tortoise. However, in that time the tortoise would have moved forward again, say by 10 meters. So, Achilles runs another 10 meters, but the tortoise has advanced 1 meter in the meantime. If the tortoise always advances in the time it takes Achilles to catch up, how can Achilles ever actually pass him?


Solution: They've both been dead for thousands of years, although due to tortoises' long lifespans and lack of involvement in Trojan wars, the tortoise probably outlived Achilles in the end.

Sources: MrTomostan