Computer security is an important part of laptop ownership. It's bad enough for a person to get ahold of your laptop, and even worse when they start trying to log in to steal your personal information. A woman who goes by the name pigeonkitty on imgur recently had a scare along those lines.

Luckily, she had enabled a security feature that automatically snaps a picture of the user if someone tries and fails to log in three times in a row. It then sends the picture of the would-be hacker to pigeonkitty's phone. Recently she received a text to her phone with a picture of someone trying (but failing) to log in to her laptop. And the offender? Her cat. Typical.


What is this cat up to? Trying to get online to order cat toys on Amazon? Tuna salad from Seamless? Skype with its feline friends across the world? Who knows. Whatever this cat's intention, it's been foiled! No computer for you, kitty! Busted!

This is why you can't trust your pets around your electronics.