What would you do if you were a rugged outdoorsman with a cabin nestled among nature's most beautiful sights, complete with deer, bears, wolves, coyotes and other critters running around your property and a host of dogs and cats in your home? You'd probably spend your time nursing baby animals back to health and filming it, because what's the point of being a handsome mountain man with actual real-world skills if you don't document it and make everyone jealous and/or go "awww"? The deer was eventually reunited with its mother, but understandably it tried at first to stay with the seemingly perfect life of handsome mountain man and his handsome pets.


The whole video is 16 minutes (to this author's great astonishment, the entire thing got watched because it's fascinating and beautiful), but a cliff's notes version would be the animal's injury at :30, the predators on the farm at 2:25, the deer getting a new dog dad at 6:30, everyone on the grass getting milk and rubs at 9:45, and the attempted release from around 14:30 forward.

Sources: redditor c_cta | YouTuber honeysada