Heartography is Nikon's solution to knowing which moments you're going to want to remember with a photo. It's also the first camera rig that's been subject to animal testing, namely, Grizzler, a Border Collie/photographer. Nikon strapped a photographic device onto Grizzler that took a photo whenever his heart rate jumped, successfully capturing emotion-stirring images on film. Watch the video compilation below, in which Grizzler inexplicably has the voice of an unbelievably patronizing human being.


In the video description, Nikon explains the project and solemnly swears Grizzler was not abused.

The video, filmed by our camera crew, features Grizzler the Border Collie wearing a Nikon camera attached to a harness. Each time Grizzler gets excited or happy, his heart rate increases and in turn triggers a mechanism to depress the camera’s shutter and take a picture allowing us to see the world from Grizzler’s perspective.

Due to Grizzler’s active running and jumping on his adventure, many shots were blurred - reflective of Grizzler’s energy! We chose the best ones to feature in this video.

To ensure Grizzler’s safety and comfort, the crew constantly followed him to provide ample hydration, food and other necessities, and as such, some photos you see may have included members of the crew in the background.

Sources: Nikon Asia