He's got the whole bird in his hands.

Sometimes, life can be a bit much. Work is a grind. Your boss is getting on you about your performance. Your co-workers seem to be undermining your productivity. Traffic is a mess. Your car is making that weird sound again. And is that a whiff of carbon monoxide you're smelling? Your spouse is mad that you're home so late, and your kids are mad that you're home at all. Nobody cares that you've got a splitting headache. And that goddamned ax you've got stashed away in the closet won't stop screaming your name! "Shut up, Ax!" you yell. "I don't want to do your bidding tonight!"

Sounds like you need a nice, calming video of a itsy-bitsy goldfinch bathing herself in her person's gentle, encompassing hands.

Aaaahhhhhh... Isn't that better? Your heart rate is down. That headache is waning. You're coming back to yourself.


You probably won't even need to use that ax tonight.

Sources: Canal de rrafa13 | h/t Daily Picks and Flicks