This is the year Bo-Sox breaks his cat-passing drought.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that these folks are from Boston. Here's the description Kristie Pelletier wrote for the video when she uploaded it to YouTube"Bo-Sox the Golden afraid of Chevy the cat. Fenway the German Shepherd puppy to rescue..." Maybe the reason Chevy the cat has decided to torment poor scaredy-dog Bo-Sox is that Chevy has been left out of the Pelletier's Red Sox-themed pet naming system. The Golden Retriever is many times the cat's size, but his face is full of a mixture of abject terror and over-politeness as some force we can't see is preventing Bo-Sox from passing Chevy. 

I also can't blame Chevy for not moving, because, as we can see, there's plenty of room. Finally, young Fenway takes pity on the old man and tries to show him that it's possible for a Boston baseball-themed dog to pass their parked car cat. Then, a kid shows up and everyone kind of scrambles around, but I do think that Bo finally had the right idea.

Please tell me they have a parrot named the Green Monster.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Laughing Squid