April 4 is World Rat Day, a fact not lost on one Redditor who resurfaced some photos from an old Tumblr called Kara's Rat World. In it, pet rats fight rat-shaming in the only way they can: with little words in beautiful penmanship. 

Little guy even drew his own ratmoji.

At the time she made the blog, Kara was a zoo keeper at the National Zoo in Washington DC where she worked, appropriately, in the Small Mammal House. She also owned seven pet rats and used her blog to raise awareness and acceptance for the little creatures. Kara tells Someecards she still has six rats, and the project took considerable effort. "It took about an hour to get all the pictures taken—some rats were more cooperative than others."

She called the series "Ratvocates."

"They have a bad rap because of the actions and reputations of their wild cousins but they make amazing pets," Kara wrote at the time. "Rats follow us wherever we go and the similarities between our species and theirs are striking."


If you're starting to get into these photos and think you might be ready for a rat companion of your own—start thinking "two." Kara says getting just one is "very cruel to your rat! Rats are extremely social creatures that can become depressed without any companions." Double the rats, double the fun.

Apparently, Petco isn't the first place you should go to look for a rat. Obviously, the New York subway is the last place, but a better option is to just google it and find a rattery in your state. 


Kara also found several of her rats by searching for rescues. If you're truly a hero at the level of Rat-Man, you can do this too.

Plus, he eats less.

According to WorldRatDay.com, the holiday started in 2002 when a rat-themed mailing list decided their misunderstood, furry pals deserved a day of positive recognition.

Yup, he's telling the truth. Verified by such prestigious outlets as NPR, rats have been used in Cambodia to sniff for land mines. They can apparently clear a 200 square meter area in about a half hour.

Check out Kara's Rat World for more photos and information on owning a pet rat. In the meantime, enjoy this GIF: