The big game is coming up on February 7th, and if you're already excited who will get licked or go pee pee on the field, then by "the big game," you're probably referring to The Puppy Bowl.

Finally some professional athletes you can respect!

When you're hardcore jonesin' for football playing pets, February seems impossibly far away, but relax. Animal Planet has rigged it so you can watch the future stars of Puppy Bowl XII right now, in real time, with their locker room puppy-cam. ​Warning: below is an insanely addictive live-feed of baby puppies. Prepare to never get any work done again.

Puppy Bowl XII will feature 49 adoptable pups as players on #TeamRuff and #TeamFluff. In addition to the two-hour "game," there will also be a Puppy Bowl Pre-Game Show and a Kitty Bowl Halftime Show. This is literally the Superbowl of cuteness. 

Sources: Animal Planet