One of the main reasons paddle boarding is terrifying is the possibility that a huge aquatic animal is lurking beneath you. Also, that you won't have the ab strength to do it. Yet, this video makes having a huge unpredictable animal under your thin wood plank look so fun! Jaimen Hudson is a self-described "Quadriplegic with a Quad-Copter" and he has a lot of cool Instagram shots of a bird's eye view of the ocean, but this one has made paddle board enthusiasts of us all:

The song Imagine is over used. There, we said it. That's the only bad thing about this crazy video, and anyone who dislikes it is nuts, as verified by this YouTube comment:

How can they??

If you can't get enough, here's another clip from Hudson that makes the ocean look like it's vomiting dolphins everywhere:

Sources: Jaimen Hudson