"Don't worry, boss, I took them out with my face!" (via reddit)

Today, the Internet (or reddit, at least) demanded pets stung by bees. No one knows why the Internet gets such sudden and specific cravings (well, it always demands pet photos), but the important thing is that it is appeased. Today, redditors supplied more than enough tribute to the altar of adorably swollen kitties and pups who tried to eat and/or kill some bees, only to learn a painful lesson in humility instead.

It seems to have started with this basset hound who ate a bee:

His nose somehow looks even more powerful than usual. (via)

After that, there were no shortage of pet owners who wanted to share their animals' similar fates (and some humans, too):

As if the cat was going to suddenly start caring just because you got stung. (via)

I know it's probably painful, but that swollen paw just looks so fluffy. (via)

Maybe he's just allergic to his own adorableness? (via)

His paw says "ow," but his face says "worth it."  (via)

I'm sure this pup will somehow regain confidence in its looks. (via)

It's like someone forgot not to feed him after midnight, but only a little bit. (via)

And finally, an oldie but a goodie:

"I've been trapped here in the Internet for years without Benadryl." (via)

(by Johnny McNulty)

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