Lovers of pink dolphins: good news! Your spirit animal exists. The bad news: you have to go to Louisiana to see it.


Sometimes, dreams do come true. At least, that's the case if your dream consists of a pink bottlenose dolphin living in a river channel in Lake Charles, Louisiana (the most magic of all river channels). Erik Rue, the owner of a charter boat company in Lake Charles, first spotted the unoriginally named Pinky back in 2007. Over the years, he's seen Pinky — who's albino — several times while out on his boat, including a new sighting just this week.

While Rue loves Pinky (and has even snapped pictures of her mating — saucy!), he's also kind of a pink dolphin elitist. He's quoted in Newsweek saying, in regard to other pink dolphins,

"I know they have the Amazon river dolphins but those are kinda ugly and splotchy. This one is just smooth pink, from tip to tail. Its very pretty."

It's great that you love Pinky, man, but maybe don't splotch-shame those other pink dolphins?

Here's a video that Rue took of Pinky back in 2011, complete with peppy soundtrack:

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