At least he wasn't rapping about Bud Light.

Everyone loves a dog running onto the field in the middle of a sporting event. With good reason; they're social animals who love to play, so when they see humans running around chasing balls, they naturally want to get in on the good times. It's a cute win for everyone. That said, when an 80-pound, male pit bull runs onto the field, it's another story, because there's a real possibility that things could go from aww to awful as quickly as you can say "he just bit my ear off."

That's why this pit bull with a glove fetish is probably a whole lot cuter on Youtube than he is running at you in person. Although it does look like he just wanted to have some fun. Either that, or he noticed it was an 8-to-nothing blowout in the second inning and was trying to bring an end to the game under the mercy rule.

(by Jonathan Corbett)

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