Meet Darren and Phillip, The Blue Boys, two pit bull brothers who are very adorable and very patient and will basically wear any outfits that their owners put on them. They live their wonderful life in Brisbane, Australia. While they're not technically related by blood, these two are inseparable snuggle buddies. Apparently they cozy up together like this naturally, and the pictures have now earned them a cult following. Can you imagine what would happen if you gave these dogs in pajamas to drunk girls? They'd lose their minds, just like they always do when you present them with puppies.

Sure, some people aren't fans of the breed. To be certain, they can grow to gargantuan sizes. But pictures of The Blue Boys are pure joy:


The one on the right is better at smiling for pictures than most children:

Wait, are we doing ears up or ears down for this one?

Coziest snuggle in the history of snuggles:

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