It has all of the drama of 'Titanic,' but with more raccoons.


These two raccoon brothers, Waylon and Willie, like hanging out by the pool. But while Willie likes going in for a dip, Waylon appears to be terrified for his brother's safety. I haven't seen a dramatic performance this good ever since whatever Daniel Day Lewis was in last. Of course, a brilliant performer deserves a brilliant script, so I just happen to have one for you right here:

Willie: I have to go, Waylon. When they find out that I was the one who stole the cat food, they'll have my tail on a cap faster than you can say "Stop, thief!"

Waylon: It doesn't have to be this way. If you tell them that you stole the cat food to feed mom —

Willie: They'll never listen to me, Waylon, and you know it. We're raccoons. The only thing people think we do is steal cat food.

Waylon: But we're so much more than that. Sometimes we also steal dog food. 

Willie: Remember me as I was: a raccoon.

Willie swims off into the sunset. Moments later, Willie returns.

Sources: h/t Mashable | Vicki Coppen