If you thought you'd seen every variation of cat video that nature will allow, have a seat. Some researchers discovered a rare new breed of cat video featuring a very rare breed of cat

This clip features a Pallas cat—a species of cat that was discovered high in the Himalayan mountains for the first time by researchers who went looking for snow leopards in Nepal—discovering the camera trap that was placed specifically to get a look at it. 

And thus was born the new genre of cat video, Old Man Hermit Cats Freaked Out By Encroaching Society. Kind of makes "If It Fits, I Sits" seem downright pedestrian.

(Edit: Previously, this post referred to Pallas cats as a "new breed" of cat. The Pallas cat is not a new species, but the species was not thought to be in Nepal until camera traps discovered them there for the first time in 2012.)

(by Bob Powers)

Sources: KSBW.com