On October 14, a woman named Katie, going by the Twitter handle @cutiechaser_, tweeted a picture of a dog having his portrait done at Disneyland by a caricature artist, just like a human. Just look at him! He thinks he's people! Who is a good dog? Is it him? YES, IT IS!


Along with the picture, Katie included the (very excited) text "MY PARENTS ARE AT DISNEYLAND AND JUST SENT ME THIS." The tweet has received over 130,000 likes and been retweeted over 50,000 times since being posted, because come on, how cute is this?

BuzzFeed tracked down information about the yellow Lab (who, according to the portrait being drawn, is apparently very interested in surfing) and found out that the dog is a service dog-in-training named Yahoo (aww) who currently lives with in San Marcos, CA with a volunteer owner. Yahoo is part of Canine Companions for Independence, which, according to spokesperson Jeanine Konopelski, is a nonprofit organization that helps with the breeding and training of assistance dogs.


The volunteer is responsible for Yahoo's socialization and basic training for his first couple of years, and if he does well, he'll go on to professional training in 2017, to become an actual service dog who knows things like how to pull a wheelchair, open doors, and turn lights on and off. When he's done, he'll be provided to a person with disabilities for free.

Konopelski guessed that Yahoo's person was probably teaching him to follow commands and remain patient amidst a lot of distractions, since that's a skill he'll one day need on the job.

The volunteer confirmed this, saying "This type of socialization gives them the confidence to go to such places with their graduate partners in the future."

According to Disney's website, service dogs are allowed into their parks, although they are restricted from certain attractions, for obvious reasons.