Summertime in America means fireworks, baseball, apple pie, and watching squirrels do dumb shit.

Here's a joke for you: Why did the squirrel make a killing in the startup world? Because he's a disruptor!*

At the very least, one squirrel provided a serious disruption at a recent Phillies-Cardinals game at Citizen's Bank Park. The squirrel first appeared on the net behind home plate, distracting both fans and players, then proceeded to fall into the Phillies dugout, where it did a cartoon-like job of making all the Phillies players jump up, drop (base)balls, and generally act like people who unexpectedly had a squirrel dive in from the heavens above. The (presumably scared) li'l guy ended up hiding the wall behind the camera equipment.

While the squirrel's finish wasn't super graceful, I think he could still be a serious contender on the double squirrel assault course.


* Ha! Hahaha! I'm sorry.

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