Guinea Pig getting ready to take a scantron test.

A fine, upstanding, guinea pig-owning user of Reddit took some time out of his day to share with the world a few snapshots from a life that seems to be going a lot better than yours and mine. "Stuff My Guinea Pig Does" captures the Cavia porcellus engaged in various not-very-guinea piggish activities and chores, everything from sharpening pencils, to cooking stew, to riding on the back of a chicken.

Here are just a few peeks into the life of the most industrious domesticated rodent since Ratatouille.

Bro, do you even lift? Bet my guinea pig can bench more than you.


Guinea pig will make sure to water your plants while you're away.



Dog doesn't give a crap what's holding the leash. A walk is a walk.

Sources: Redditor FatGirlsSendMeNudes and his guinea pig