The Tanuki is a "Japanese raccoon dog," and the Internet is currently freaking out about the discovery that a certain @chibi_nori on Twitter has a tanuki and is posting adorable photos of it. Chibi_nori creatively calls his tanuki "Tanuki" or "Tanu." He found the abandoned Tanu back in June, took it in, and regularly posts adorable photos of the cutie. 

Note the tiny leaf photoshopped over the nipple, because this Tanuki is very modest.

According to Atlas Obscura, the tanuki has played the role of trickster in Japanese mythology for thousands of years. It's also known for having giant testicles, which is perhaps why chibi_nori was so careful about modesty in the image above. (If you're interested in a bit of possibly NSFW history, check out this 1881 woodblock print of a tanuki threatening men by brandishing nuts twice its size.)

Chibi_nori's tanuki isn't about giant balls, though, at least in the photos he posts. Tanuki the tanuki is all about being adorable:

A special animal deserves a special meal.