Over the course of the opening credits, the dogs go from content to howling. Maybe they're 'CSI' fans?

I've read some comments suggesting that these dogs are really excited that the Law & Order credits are on. But I say: no! As far as I can tell, these dogs would like to be watching anything else. To that point, I have created a moment-by-moment breakdown of what the dogs appear to be thinking in this video:



Dog 1: "That sounds like the Law & Order credits. Are these guys actually watching Law & Order?"


Dog 2: "No, seriously, you guys. Are you actually planning to watch Law & Order? You know that it's practically the same story every week, right?"

Dog 1: "And there's always a guy moving boxes who provides valuable information."

Dog 2: "Always."

Dog 1: "It's like, why not just ask any yahoo who's moving boxes where the criminal is hiding? These box-moving people know everything!"


Dog 1: "Maybe if we turn around, it'll be something other than Law & Order on the screen."

Dog 2: "Like a commercial for a new show, and the new show's entire hook is 'This show is better than Law & Order.'"


Dog 2: "Nope, that's Law & Order."

Dog 1: "I'll add that to my list of disappointments for the day under 'Received no Beggin' Strips.'"


Dog 1: "I'm gonna try yawning to show I'm not interested."

Dog 2: "Good idea. The best way to solve problems is to make passive-aggressive suggestions."


Dog 2: "Didn't work. Shit. Don't they know that there are other procedural and crime-based shows that provide superior storytelling? Hannibal is a revelation!"

Sources: h/t Mashable | James