His name is Bonsai and I want to adopt him right this second.

D'awwwwww. (via HalfABulldogTwiceTheLove)


Friends of Emma, an animal rescue organization in Fort Worth, Texas, recently received a call from an dog breeder in Arkansas about a 3.5 week old puppy born with multiple deformities that needed immediate medical attention. They instantly hit the road and picked him up. After taking him to the doctor, they learned that he had caudal regression syndrome, sacrocaudal dysgenesis, and spina bifida. This basically means that he was born with half a spine, no pelvis, and tiny, nonfunctional hind legs. He was also diagnosed with "Swimmer Puppy Sydrome," which is defined by the following:

Healthy puppies begin to stand at 14 days and have a rather steady gait by 3 weeks of age. If a puppy cannot stand and walk by 3 weeks, the puppy may be a "swimmer". A swimmer puppy is a puppy with weak adductor muscles that pull the legs together. As a result, the puppy lies flat on the floor and paddles around like a turtle. The legs affected can be the fore legs, the hind legs, or all four, although the hind legs are usually more severely affected.

His rescuers named him Bonsai, after a "little tree to be molded and shaped."

Bonsai's front legs have to be extra strong. (via HalfABulldogTwiceTheLove)

Due to his conditions, Bonsai had to get his legs amputated in late June, about a month after he was rescued.

*Lion King music plays* (via HalfABulldogTwiceTheLove)

The rescue organization made a Facebook page for Bonsai to document his progress, in addition to a PetCaring page (it's like Kickstarter for animals) to raise money for the further medical treatment that Bonsai will require. While the pictures are pretty damn cute, some of the captions, narrated in "Bonsai's voice," are kind of, um, weird. Take the one right before he got his amputation:

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