Have you ever seen a person or animal so actively not eating something as Clark the dog here? He is so intensely not eating that piece of meat that his owner placed onto his snout that he looks like he might fall over from exhaustion at any moment. I wonder how many calories he's burning by not eating that meat. Probably a lot. Not eating that meat looks absolutely debilitating.

I have to admit, I wasn't very impressed when I watched this for the first time. I'm relatively certain that I could go way longer than fifteen seconds without eating a piece of meat on my face. I'm talking, like, forty, forty-five seconds at least.

But then I thought, what if it wasn't meat? What if it was something like a chocolate-covered pretzel. Or even a Mint Oreo! Oh, a Mint Oreo. I'm not supposed to eat those on account of I don't know how to stop eating them. If my wife found out... But they're right there in the cabinet. She won't notice one less Mint Oreo in the pack, will she? Uuuuhhhhhh...


Anyway, I gotta go.

Sources: RM Videos | h/t Daily Picks and Flicks