Meanwhile, the cat is hiding in the bushes.

As a dog owner, I'm unimpressed with most of the videos in the "dog goes crazy when family member returns" genre. Because most of those clips feature dogs acting exactly how a lot of dogs act when their owners return from the grocery store. Or say the word "treat." I could make the front page of reddit with a clip of me walking through the door wearing an army jacket with a sqeaky toy in the pocket.

This clip is the real deal. The Schnauzer absolutely loses when it sees a family member who's been away from home for two years, and is so overcome with joy that he passes out with excitement. (Note: no matter what you hear, the dog is fine. And loud.)

If you're worried that the dog was in some sort of distress, you're not alone. My dog started flipping out when I played this video, because it probably sounds like I'm watching a clip of a dog walking over a bed of thumbtacks.

The owners were also concerned about the schnauzer's well-being, and brought it to the vet, who gave the all-clear. Based on the video, the dog probably freaked a bit when it found out they were going for another ride.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Metro UK