Skip to :45 if you can't bear the suspense.

I've been whale watching before, and nothing like this ever happened. The closest I came was when a seagull pooped on my shirt. That was thrilling, though.

This incredible video was captured by Brad Rich. He and Tony Flanders were fishing in Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska, when they suspected there might be some humpbacks nearby. Rich began filming, but was utterly unprepared for the spectacular breach he was about to see. When it happened, he turned into a giggling, pants-shitting schoolboy, which makes this clip all the better.

In case you're wondering about the whales' behavior, they appear to be bubble-net feeding. This is a distinctive humpback behavior in which the whales dive underwater and exhale in a circular pattern, creating a "net" of rising bubbles that traps their prey in an enclosed location, so the whales can eat them. It also looks pretty amazing when you're in a boat right on top of it. It's like whale synchronized swimming.

Rich also took a video of the whales departing, which is less dramatic. On the other hand, it's pleasantly relaxing. Take a look:


All in all, it looks like these lucky fishermen had a whale of a time!

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