This cat turned a disadvantage into an advantage. We could all learn from the cat.


Cats are cleverer than we give them credit for. This one is clearly using creativity and problem solving skills to overcome a new obstacle. Its cone prevented it from drinking from a bowl, so it adapted. It's the MacGyver of cats.

This is not an isolated incident, either. I can think of one from my personal experience that's very similar. Before I begin, I should warn you about this story. It's inspiring, but it's also sad. Get some tissues ready before I begin.

When I was a kid, my older brother had a cat named Trixy, who was beloved by the whole family. She was a calico, beautiful and chubby (I once described her as looking like she had "swallowed fotball [sic]." She was also the smartest cat I've ever known. She hated to wear a collar, and when my brother bought her one, she figured out how to remove it while no one was looking. Then she left it for him, laid out evenly on his pillow. When he put it back on her, she did the same thing again. She was sending him a message, you see.

Years later, when my brother was away at college, Trixy fell into ill health. Like so many cats, she was stricken with a brain tumor and deteriorated quickly. But despite the ravages of the cancer on her neurological system, she never lost her intelligence. After a few weeks, she lost the ability to open her mouth. Like the cat in this video, she was still determined to drink water, so she figured out a way. By dunking her head into her water bowl and exhaling, she could suck water back up into her mouth and swallow it. It couldn't extend her life more than a few extra days, but we were glad for every moment.

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