Hang in there, baby.

Lying in a hammock is like the comfy reward you get for not being dumped on your ass while trying to get into one. Unless you were born with the balancing ability of a squirrel, there's a learning curve involved.  Based on this video, even cats have to work at it. That is, unless Timo happens to be the most uncoordinated cat on the planet.

At first he approaches the new bed as if it were a bird in the backyard he was trying to kill. Even after he's able to get into it, he looks like a drunk trying to stand in a canoe. But the word "quit" isn't in Timo's vocabulary. Neither are any other words, but you get the idea.

After four months of failure, Timo and his hammock are an inspiration to uncoordinated goofs everywhere.


(by Jonathan Corbett)

Sources: Buzzfeed