The Mercurosaurus Rex makes his way across the prehistoric carpet. 

This is Mercury the cat. He was found at four days old, weighing only five ounces and missing his two front limbs, the possible result of a weed whacker mishap. Things weren't looking so great for him at that moment, but he was taken in to a local vet where he had his wounds cleaned, and then he was handed off to a couple who were willing to take care of him.


Now, some cats in this situation would be all like, "Mew... I only have two legs. I can't cat with only two legs." But not Mercury. No, Mercury was like, "If I can't cat with only two legs, then I'm gonna goddamn dinosaur around this place. Raaawwrrr!!!"


Terrifyingly adorable? Or adorably terrifying?

That laser dot never knew what hit it.

You may now show fealty with a nice belly rub.

Cower before his awesome mewl.

The Mercurosaurus Rex demands a back scratch.

Because his limbs were amputated so close to his abdomen, prosthetics probably aren't an option for Mercury, so he's likely to stay bipedal for the rest of his life. But he seems happy and well-loved and quite capable of taking care of himself. Plus, he's a mighty prehistoric beast. Things could be a lot worse.

There's way more pictures and video available for your gushing pleasure on the Raising Mercury Facebook page.

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