I hope you're watching this, American ducks, because these Russian ducks could teach you a lesson in politeness.

Oh, Russian dashboard cam footage. Usually all you have for us is accidents and road rage. A lot of accidents and road rage. Like this incident with costumed characters. Or this literal hit-and-run. Or at the very least, this giant-ass pothole (that induced accidents and probably road rage).

But today, today Russian dashboard cam footage brings us these adorable ducks crossing the street at the crosswalk. I had never really thought about it before, but watching this video made me realize that all of the ducks I have seen in America are RUDE. They NEVER cross at crosswalks, they NEVER use a knife and fork to eat breadcrumbs, and they FREQUENTLY quack when other ducks are quacking.


American ducks, you are on notice! Get politer, or else I'm sending you all to Duck Finishing School. (That's a school that teaches manners to ducks, not a school that teaches humans how to "finish" ducks.)

Sources: h/t Mashable